About Us

The Network of Migrant Innovators is a partnership of user-led community projects and organizations in Birmingham, Coventry, and Wolverhampton, delivering innovative solutions to meeting the local needs of BAME, Refugee, Asylum Seeker, and Migrant communities in these areas. Through our Network, we are pooling our expertise and working together to support each other’s communities.

We are a group of creative, visionary community leaders. We work to support migrant, refugee, and BAME communities and individuals.

We are motivated and driven by the issues that we not only see in our communities but that we ourselves experience on a daily basis. This means that we understand the issues and we know how to address and solve these issues at a practical local level and so help vulnerable individuals and communities

By our very nature, we are under-funded and under-served by mainstream services. We provide the very “real” services that are desperately needed to fill the gaps in services to address the issues and support people who are overlooked by mainstream services.

We were all selected to take part in the MiFriendly Cities social innovation program in 2019 and were awarded seed funding to deliver our projects. Our Network originally came together to support the existing groups and in particular the new and emerging fledgling groups in the West Midlands.